With the Paris Agreement in the recent years, participating countries agree to deal with greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation and reduce the risks and effects of climate change. Environmental and efficient batteries will become the major trend in the future development of the battery industry.


In January 2019, Tenavolts,the new generation of lithium rechargeable battery which connects the advanced lithium technology and battery market, will be exhibited in the CES located at No. 44374 in the Wireless devices & services section on the second floor of Sands Expo.


Back to the battery, through 4 years of R&D efforts, Tenavolts is developed to concur the traditional rechargeable AA battery deficits including longer charging time, unstable output and insufficient usage life. As an eco-friendly and rechargeable lithium battery, the lifespan of Tenavolts is up to 1,000 recharge cycles. It offers a 1.5V consistent voltage with a 2-hour fast charge time. It also offers AA rechargeable lithium batteries that are commonly used in household appliances such as torch, electric toothbrush, toys, racing cars, game controllers with longer time cycle. It also supports portable battery charger. Its custom-designed Mirco-USD portable charger provides a convenient and user-friendly experience for travellers or businessmen.


Tenavolts has obtained 6 national and world patents. Its built-in chip can prevent charging in abnormal situations, such as a short circuit or extreme temperatures to guarantee safe use. To extend the coverage of Tenavolts in the world, Nanfu launched a crowdfunding on the top crowdfunding platform – Indiegogo, and it was a huge success that the company had reached the goal within 24 hours since the launch.



Tenavolts is one of the brands from Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd. which is one of the biggest alkaline battery manufacturers in Asia. Nanfu Battery is committed to offering a better battery solution and providing the ideal balance between efficiency and environmental protection.