NANPING, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–November 14, 2018–

Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of alkaline manganese and carbon zinc batteries, recently launched AA/AAA Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, under the new brand TENAVOLTS, outplaying both NiMH batteries and peer products in terms of constant voltage, low environmental impact and fast charging.

TENAVOLTS vs. alkaline batteries

Compared to veteran brands of alkaline batteries, TENAVOLTS has equivalent overall performance. According to tests, TENAVOLTS has huge advantages when used as camera battery, which can discharge 440 times, 3-6 times that of the major alkaline battery brands in the market. In low temperatures (-10℃/-20℃), TENAVOLTS also excels at the range of application scenarios.

TENAVOLTS vs. NiMH batteries

Compared to NiMH batteries, TENAVOLTS performs better in almost all aspects, especially in charging time, for TENAVOLTS takes a minimum of 1.8 hours to recharge while other brands require at least 3 hours and even over 10 hours. In addition, TENAVOLTS features a 1.5V constant voltage, a higher capacity, a lower self-discharge rate and longer lifespan.

TENAVOLTS vs. Lithium batteries

TENAVOLTS is a “monolithic” lithium battery. Although the segmented lithium battery has advantages such as it has a USB port and is more convenient to charge, it has a lower electric capacity and is inconvenient for mass users such as KTV to charge. A TENAVOLTS AA battery has a capacity of 2,775mWh, around 50% higher than segmented ones, and is suitable for batch charging. It is a more optimized solution for users. In the future, TENAVOLTS will come with more powerful batteries in upcoming generations, pushing the electric capacity over 3,000mWh.

TENAVOLTS is the ideal battery for electronic toys and game controllers, as it has a 1.5V constant voltage and 2-hour super-fast charge. In addition, TENAVOLTS is equipped with the safety protection chip, supporting USB charging, and can be recharged for 1,000 times. Besides, a TENAVOLTS AA battery only weighs 18g.

TENAVOLTS AA/AAA Rechargeable Lithium Batteries are now available in both China and North America. The 2nd generation is planned to be launched next year with enhancements such as low voltage alarm, a larger capacity of over 3,000mWh, and more voltage options.